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Rick Casillo - Iditarod musher, adventurer, entrepreneur, and founder of Battle Dawgs, a non-profit serving our nation’s combat veterans. Rick moved to Alaska in 2002 to become a fly fishing guide and to learn more about sled dogs. In 2004 he raced in his first 1,000 mile Iditarod Sled Dog Race. He realized quickly where he belonged, traveling with a team of his best friends across the great state of Alaska. You will hear amazing stories of racing in the toughest race known to man, the Iditarod. Highlights include overcoming adversity, surviving temperatures of 60 below zero, his great knowledge of sled dogs, and what it’s like living this challenging yet rewarding lifestyle. People of all ages and demographics are mesmerized by his passion and drive to persevere. Whether if it’s students or fortune 500 executives, all listening will be inspired and garner life resiliency skills applicable to all walks of life. He will share his passion and love for working with combat veterans and how giving back, being a team player, leading, and personal accountability have shaped his life. All speaking engagements are catered to fit your individual needs. If you are looking for a one-of- kind presentation and speaker, look no further, Rick Casillo will leave your audience amazed and wanting more!

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